Allergic urticaria


allergic urticaria: commonly referred to as hives, is a kind of skin rash notable for pale red, raised, itchy bumps. Hives may cause a burning or stinging sensation. Histamine and other proinflammatory substances are released from mast cells in the skin and tissues in response to the binding of allergen-bound IgE antibodies to high-affinity cell surface receptors. Basophils and other inflammatory cells are also seen to release histamine and other mediators, and are thought to play an important role, especially in chronic urticarial diseases.

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FinnGen phenotype data

429209 individuals

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Hospital Discharge: ICD-10 L50.0
Hospital discharge: ICD-9 7080
Cause of death: ICD-10 L50.0
Cause of death: ICD-9 7080

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Extra metadata

Level in the ICD hierarchy 4
First used in FinnGen datafreeze DF2
Parent code in ICD-10 L50
Name in latin Urticaria allergica

Summary Statistics

Key figures

All Female Male
Number of individuals 2619 1858 761
Unadjusted prevalence (%) 0.64 0.81 0.42
Mean age at first event (years) 41.76 41.02 43.55


Follow-up Absolute risk HR [95% CI] p N
1998–2019 0.04 1.98 [0.87, 4.54] 1.0e-1 167
15 years 0.01 1.29 [0.75, 2.23] 3.6e-1 64
5 years 0.00 3.13 [2.04, 4.80] 1.8e-7 48
1 year 0.00 5.51 [3.09, 9.82] 7.5e-9 16

Age distribution of first events

Year distribution of first events

Cumulative Incidence


Index endpoint: L12_URTICA_ALLERG – Allergic urticaria
GWS hits: 1

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before Allergic urticaria
after Allergic urticaria

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