Source Code Name Case count Share of cases (%)
OUTPAT OUTPAT_ICD10(C940) Acute erythraemia and erythroleukaemia 15
OUTPAT OUTPAT_ICD10(C947) Other specified leukaemias 15
INPAT INPAT_ICD10(C940) Acute erythraemia and erythroleukaemia 11
PRIM_OUT PRIM_OUT_NOT_USED_ICD10(C947) Other specified leukaemias. Not used in endpoint definition. POSSIBLY INACCURATE IN COMPLEX ENDPOINTS! 7
INPAT INPAT_ICD10(C947) Other specified leukaemias 6
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(20700) Other and unspecified leukaemia, Leukaemia, acute 6
OUTPAT OUTPAT_ICD10(C942) Acute megakaryoblastic leukaemia 6
INPAT INPAT_ICD10(C941) Chronic erythraemia 5
OUTPAT OUTPAT_ICD10(C941) Chronic erythraemia 5