Source Code Name Case count Share of cases (%)
DEATH DEATH_ICD10(C249) Biliary tract, unspecified 73
DEATH DEATH_ICD10(C240) Extrahepatic bile duct 64
CANC CANC_TOPO(C241)_MORPHO(8140)_BEH(3) Ampulla of Vater, Adenocarcinoma, NOS 44
CANC CANC_TOPO(C249)_MORPHO(8160)_BEH(3) Biliary tract, NOS, Cholangiocarcinoma (C22.t, C24.0) 38
CANC CANC_TOPO(C240)_MORPHO(8140)_BEH(3) Extrahepatic bile duct, Adenocarcinoma, NOS 37
CANC CANC_TOPO(C240)_MORPHO(8160)_BEH(3) Extrahepatic bile duct, Cholangiocarcinoma (C22.t, C24.0) 36
CANC CANC_TOPO(C249)_MORPHO(8000)_BEH(3) Biliary tract, NOS, Neoplasm, malignant 36
CANC CANC_TOPO(C240)_MORPHO(8000)_BEH(3) Extrahepatic bile duct, Neoplasm, malignant 35
DEATH DEATH_ICD10(C241) Ampulla of Vater 33
CANC CANC_TOPO(C249)_MORPHO(8140)_BEH(3) Biliary tract, NOS, Adenocarcinoma, NOS 16
DEATH DEATH_ICD10(C248) Overlapping lesion of biliary tract 16